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Where to eat the best Paella in Ibiza?


Paella is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular dishes of Spanish gastronomy, known worldwide for its delicious combination of rice, seafood, meat and vegetables. In this article, you will not only learn a little about its history and how it is prepared, but we will also provide you with information about the best place in Ibiza where you can enjoy an authentic and exquisite paella. So read on and find out everything you need to know about this emblematic Spanish dish.

What is its history?

As for its history, paella originated in the region of Valencia in the 18th century. Peasants and shepherds working in the Valencian fields would prepare it in large pans over a wood fire, using whatever ingredients they had on hand, such as chicken, rabbit and vegetables. Over time, it became a popular dish throughout the region, and in the 20th century it became famous all over the world thanks to tourism and the spread of Spanish culture. Although its origin is related to that area, it is now widespread throughout Spain. It is one of the most sought-after dishes by foreign visitors.

But what exactly is paella?

Paella is essentially a rice dish, cooked in large, flat, wide cast-iron pans. There are several variations of it, depending on the area and the cook’s tastes. Typical ingredients are rice, saffron, olive oil, tomatoes, pepper, garlic, chicken, rabbit, green beans and garrafon. However, there are many regional variations, such as seafood paella, mixed paella (with meat and seafood), vegetable paella and black paella (with squid ink).

What is your preparation like?

The traditional preparation of paella begins with frying the chicken, rabbit or seafood in olive oil. Subsequently, the vegetable sofrito, which includes onion, green pepper and tomato, is added and cooked over a low heat to allow the flavours to blend. Once this is done, add the rice and mix well. At this point, the broth in which the rice will be cooked is added. It is crucial not to stir the ingredients during cooking so that a crust forms on the bottom of the pan, known as «socarrat», which gives the paella its characteristic flavour and texture.

The best paella in Ibiza is at the Lagom restaurant

At Lagom, we are proud to offer the best paella in Ibiza according to TripAdvisor’s ranking, thanks to our customers’ reviews. From our location in the marina of Santa Eulalia del Rio, we are committed to providing an exceptional culinary experience, using fresh, local ingredients. Our dedication to authenticity and quality has earned us the recognition and affection of those who visit us, establishing us as a must-visit destination for paella lovers. Find out why we are the first choice at Lagom Ibiza.

Come and delight yourself with the following Paella variants:

  1. Paella de Mariscos:
    Squid, mussels, clams, prawns and white fish paella with lime aioli.
  2. De Pollo:
    Chicken paella accompanied by a variety of vegetables.
  3. Paella Negra:
    Black rice paella with prawns and shrimps.
  4. Paella de Vegetales:
    Black rice paella with prawns and shrimps.
  5. Paella Mixta:
    Paella de pollo y marisco.

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